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Confronting the temporal is at the core of my artistic practice. Specifically, I deal with themes such as mortality and consciousness: “How do we compensate for our fear of inevitable death? What does this behavior tell us about our identity?” These are questions we may not address in our everyday lives. They are questions without answers, questions that I believe shed light on our way of living.


My research takes a variety of forms. I consult philosophical and anthropological writing, read personal anecdotes, and conduct interviews. But in the end, I express my findings visually. I attempt to capture the feeling of transience and our diverging emotional responses to it, whether that is an ocean of fear, the nostalgia under the sun, a waterfall of attraction, or a forest of comfort.


Exploring the relationship between the material of my work and the theme of transience is another component of my work. Never limited to a particular medium, my works employ a range of media. I use rather traditional media such as charcoal, as well as  natural resources such as the body. The only constant that remains in the varying materials is their organic nature.

I hope to invite you to the quest for answers through my work.

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